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Our Mission

Elite Fast Medical Weight Loss is driven by the enrichment of the lives of all the Brooklyn patients who enter our doors. We know that every patient wants to lose weight fast and we are proud to offer customized, safe, and effective medical weight loss options that result in outstanding changes in their life.

We are committed to delivering the best possible service we can as a weight loss doctor in ensuring that you enjoy fast weight loss. We will serve you through unbeatable customer service, patient care, and excellent facilities in our Brooklyn medical weight loss center.

Cardiovascular Doctors Experienced in Digestive Health

Elite Fast Medical Weight Loss was created as a part of the “Elite Health Center,” which is a medical facility founded by doctors dedicated to providing medical care and programs to residents and guests of South Florida. At the time, fast weight loss programs were being developed as a way to help address obesity and poor nutrition that was prevalent in the community around Brooklyn. Both obesity and poor nutrition were a major cause of the health problems in the area and Elite Health Center wanted to contribute medical weight loss programs to help.

Over the years, our weight loss doctor team have learned that medical weight loss through the HCG diet and other programs not only helped boost health benefits, but also increased patient confidence and self-esteem. Our doctors are confident in saying that the medical weight loss programs provided by Elite Fast Weight Loss is life changing in how it can help you lose weight fast.

From these realizations and ambitions, a true commitment was made by our weight loss doctor team to provide fast weight loss solutions that not only act quick but also provide long-term solutions! We have been developing the safest and most effective medical weight loss programs through HCG protocols and Phentermine programs in the development of the HCG diet, customized diet plans, and much more. We want you to lose weight fast and will help you to keep it off for years to come!

Our Team

Our team of supervising physicians, nutritional counselors, and medical personnel remain committed to these goals and seek to provide an excellent support system for every patient to help them confidently achieve their weight loss goals and to maintain their weight loss in a healthy way. Our team of supervising physicians includes:

  • Ian Concilio, M.D.
  • Lev Paukman, M.D.

Our Philosophy

Elite Fast Weight Loss confidently promots the following guiding principles to ensure you lose weight fast and can keep the weight off:

  • Keys to an effective and lifelong medical weight loss programs to which you can comfortably commit to. *
  • Patients should be able to find encouragement by seeing continued and substantial changes in their own weight on a regular basis. *
  • Guidance and encouragement that is provided to disrupt the negative and non-conductive cycle of dieting and burn-out.
  • A desire for every single patient to experience substantial change without the use of medical surgery. And to never go back!

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