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Physician-Supervised HCG Diet

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Elite Fast Medical Weight Loss is proud to offer the HCG diet, which is an effective method to lose weight fast. Our HCG diet doctor and professional team can help you lose weight fast. The HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) hormone can be introduced in small, inflated amounts to affect how your body metabolizes fat and food. In order to lose weight fast, a weight loss doctor might recommend the HCG diet to take advantage of how this hormone regulates metabolism.

While HCG is present in both men and women, it’s significantly prevalent in pregnant women for the role of releasing calories (or energy) that is stored in fat to the benefit of the fetus. Scientists, nutritionists and weight loss doctor now look to the HCG diet as a way enhance the weight loss process.

The HCG Diet

To begin with the HCG diet, contact us in Brooklyn at Elite Fast Medical Weight Loss to speak with an HCG diet doctor who specializes in fast weight loss. The HCG diet begins with an injection of HCG directly into the body to imitate pregnancy. From this point, the brain thinks the body is pregnant and causes the body to react to a very low calorie diet by extracting energy from the fat reserves - which speeds up the weight loss process.

The HCG diet is also ideal for individuals who want to maintain muscle mass, because the diet also protects the muscles. Without the HCG hormone, low calorie diets involve extracting energy from both fat and muscles, while the HCG diet keeps the muscles intact (it targets only the fat deposits).

Preventing Yo-Yo Dieting

Most dieters are familiar with going through the “yo-yo” cycle of weight loss and weight gain. At Elite Fast Medical Weight Loss, we know how unbearable this cycle can be, which is why the HCG diet is so important. Our HCG diet doctor explains why the HCG diet is effective at protecting you from this destructive “yo-yo” cycle.

  • Low calorie diets tend to be easier to maintain and appetites are suppressed. With the HCG diet, negative side effects of dieting (irritability, physical weakness, headaches, etc.) aren’t experienced.
  • You won’t experience the “starvation mode” that other diets put you into. The hormone prevents the metabolism process from slowing down in order to protect the fat stores in your body. The HCG diet does the opposite and causes the body to deplete fat stores even quicker, rather than slow down.
  • You get to enjoy normal eating habits (prior to the diet) after the HCG diet cycle has completed. This is because the metabolism in your body hasn’t slowed down, therefore you can sustain regular eating habits, unlike other diets.

Encouraging a Better Lifestyle

When dieting, the long term success is always one of the key indicators of whether or not a diet is viable. While you can lose weight fast with some diets, not all will help you keep the weight off. In Brooklyn, our HCG diet doctor helps individuals to not only enjoy fast weight loss benefits, but uses the HCG diet to keep the weight off long term.

This allows dieters to gain control over their weight both in the short term and long term. Our weight loss doctor may recommend some lifestyle changes, and patients are always encouraged to participate in educational and counselling activities in order to best maintain their weight loss.

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