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If you are considering the HCG diet, you’re going to find that there is a lot of information/misinformation on the internet. There is a great value in the HCG diet and many patients are seeing unparalleled success in their weight loss efforts by undertaking a disciplined HCG diet coupled with the daily dose of HCG. There several benefits to utilizing HCG:

  1. HCG aids in re-calibrating the body’s metabolism. If you want to lose weight, the simple math says that you have to burn more calories than you take in. When you utilize HCG, you are retraining your body’s metabolism to engage in burning calories faster in order to help you burn that unwanted fat. This benefit can continue after you stop taking the daily injections once your body has re-learned how to do this more efficiently.
  2. HCG aids in hunger reduction. By triggering your body to reduce stored fats, HCG helps you to refrain from feeling hungry even when you are cutting back on your calorie intake. This means that you are eating less, but are still not experiencing the hunger that comes with eating less.
  3. HCG aids in ensuring that the body draws energy from the right places. Our bodies are adept at drawing energy from the easiest sources. So whenever the body feels depleted of energy, it triggers a hunger sensation so that you will provide it with more fuel. If that doesn’t work, it will start scavenging the body for energy sources and without HCG, this can result in your body drawing energy from muscle tissue. HCG tells the body to get energy from the stored fats, instead of muscles, allowing you to reduce your weight without damaging your muscles.

The HCG diet and HCG injections have proven to be successful time and again for patients who stick to the plan. Getting your daily injections and eating the right foods and the right AMOUNT of foods can help you lose up to 1-3 pounds per day. Talk to a consultant today and see if the HCG diet is a good plan for you.

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